10 Industries that use Corrugated Boxes and why


Types of corrugated packaging, tests and coatings for different industries

Corrugated boxes are suitable for packing a wide variety of products. Retailers that need to ship products, need to choose the best material for packaging, something that will not only protect the products and get them safely to their destination, but also appear appealing to the customer, give a sense of high quality and follow all regulatory requirements that are specific to the sector.

Have a look at which industries use corrugated packaging, and why investing in our Pile Turners can help!

Corrugated boxes are made up of three layers of carboard that include an inside liner, an outside liner, and a medium fluted liner that goes between the two.

The main reasons why companies consistently choose corrugated packaging are:

  • Structural rigidity
  • Use of cushioning for fragile products
  • Great for a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Easily recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to moisture, temperature changes and weather events


Types of corrugated boxes

Not all boxes are the same. Various corrugated fiberboard box are designed for different applications, for example:

  • Single-faced: a corrugated sheet glued to a single sheet called a liner. This is a lightweight box that provides strength and keeps cost and weight to a minimum.
  • Single wall: sheet of corrugated fiberboard between two sheets of liners. Also, a lightweight solution that can be used for a variety of products.
  • Double wall: Doubling the corrugated medium and liners, double-wall packaging makes these boxes perfect for heavy loads
  • Triple wall: a triple layer of corrugated material provides great levels of strength and rigidity for mechanical parts and heavy duty.

The use of Pile Turners in the corrugated sector

Our machines are ideal when processing large loads of corrugated cardboard:

  • They allow operators to effortlessly and safely lift and turn loads
  • They provide automatic systems to center the load on the pallet and align the sheets perfectly
  • They allow for sheet separation and dust removal for a high-quality finished products thanks to the air jogger

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Industrial uses for corrugated boxes

1. E-commerce

E-commerce retail sales are rocketing and are expected to keep growing. This has had a profound impact on packaging demand, especially when it comes to secondary and tertiary packaging. By secondary packaging we mean the exterior packaging of the primary packaging that groups packages, and tertiary packaging is used for bulk handling, storage, and distribution.

Corrugated boxes are recognized as the backbone of the e-commerce supply chain and brand owner and marketing agencies are working together to adjust box sizes, enhance the consumer’s in-home experience by creating high-quality graphics, and looking for better ways to communicate brand values.

2. Corrugated in the marketing and printing industries

Inkjet and offset printing create loads of new opportunities and possibilities for packaging and printing industries. Advances in substrates, inks and decorative techniques are transforming a simple corrugated board into a container with high-quality graphics and print embellishment.

The marketing team can get creative to promote the brand image and can now add quality features to the boxes. Our Mobile Pile Turners will help overturn the load for printing and quickly and safely handle large volumes.


Our Maxi Toppy is compact, versatile, easy to more around the floor. It can handle loads up to a maximum weight of 1800 kg, and with size from 70 x 100 cm up to large formats of 120 x 160 cm.

3. Packaging in the food industry

As we have already seen in our previous post, corrugated boxes are ideal for food products. Some of the most important benefits is their safety and resistance to bacterial infection, a longer shelf- life of the products, protection from mold and decay and last but not least, traceability.

Since boxes in food deliveries are used only one and then thrown into the trash, being able to simply recycle the boxes is also a critical factor.

4. Corrugates displays for office supply and stationary    

When shipping office supplies and in particular paper, there is a possibility that they might be damaged. Corrugates packaging and cushioning ensure safe shipping.

Corrugated displays are also frequently used when selling stationary. You need the strength from a corrugated board to withstand the constant interaction between the consumer and the display. It is likely that products will be moving in and out of the display on a daily basis, so you need a display that will stand on its own and hold the product securely.

5. Textile and luxury goods

When shopping online, customers expect to receive the products in optimal conditions and in attractive packaging. Customer satisfaction is the key to maintaining customers so designing beautiful corrugated boxes has become a significant part of the work for textile companies.

Thanks to the numerous unboxing videos online, customers that buy textiles, shoes and bags online expect to have a memorable unboxing experience. The fashion industry in collaboration with the marketing and packaging industry need to take this opportunity to engage and interact with the customer through box design, tissue paper, swing labels and leaflets. Brand awarenss and design are key in Luxury Packaging and here is why are machines are essential !

pile turners Luxury Packaging


6. Corrugated boxes for electronic products

The key aspect here is keeping the product intact. Tech products have many delicate components including the screen, so they can be easily damaged if the packaging material is not sturdy and cushioned. Corrugated boxes, along with protective materials are therefore ideal for transportation of electronic products.

7. Healthcare

Delicate medical instruments can be easily damaged by poor packaging and are frequently mishandled. As they are fragile and need good hygienic conditions, they need to be treated with care and packaged with rigid materials that are resistant to bacteria and protect them from contamination by following specific protocols.

Pharmaceutical companies can be confident when corrugated boxes to ensure that the patients get the medicine they need in optimal conditions.

8. Batteries and hazardous materials

There are many guidelines and regulations that need to be taken into consideration when shipping batteries and other types of hazardous materials. Containers used in these industries need to clearly indicate the type of content and need to pass a series of tests such as drop test, vibration tests, pressure tests to make sure that the hazardous material will not be of any danger.

Corrugated board is durable and water resistant, it can be rigid and tolerant to temperature changes. These boxes have proven to be great for these products as long as they have the proper UN markings for shipping.

9. Corrugated boxes for heavy duty

Heavy duty shipping boxes are particularly sturdy, durable and double or triple-walled for extra protection, so that products are safe and can face weather changes, vibration and possibly being dropped or handled a little roughly.

Weather events and ripping are some of the risks that a company can incur in when shipping heavy duty items, and double walled corrugated boxes are a good investment to make to give your products the right level of protection and insulation to reach the destination in optimal conditions.

10. Corrugated packaging for the military industry           

Shipping military items means following a list of requirements in terms of documentation and practical needs. Some of the items might be extremely delicate and need a sturdy container, some are heavy, some will have to withstand humidity, a wet environment or extra hot temperatures. Corrugates boxes used in the military industry need to pass many tests and provide descriptions regarding the content of the box.

Coatings and treatment for corrugated packaging in different industries

The packaging industry is working hard to make corrugated boxes that are suitable to as many fields as possible. To increase the number of applications, different types of coatings are used.

The most frequent are:

  • Waterproof coating: Of course, this type of coating protects boxes against water damage, but they also maintain their structural rigidity with for oily, greasy and industrial products in the food sector and in the chemical industries.
  • Color: The unboxing experience is a special moment for many, and it is now often captured on camera to be shared on social media. Color coatings are incredibly important in the first impression that the client has of the brand. They can be applied in any color to match the color of the brand. Companies can select a gloss finish, a matte finish or an Ultra- Violet coating that can make the surface look luxurious and smooth and lead to a higher customer satisfaction. These are ideal for the cosmetic sector and luxury brands.
  • Conductive: Conductive coatings are electrostatic discharge (ESD) coatings that provides a shielding layer against ESDs. They are applied to the inner surfaces of boxes in particular when shipping sensitive electronic devices.
  • Corrosion Protection: Corrosion protective packaging contains a special barrier coating designed to protect primary products susceptible to all forms of corrosion. Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are additives used in packaging materials in particular when shipping ferrous metals.


Testing methods for corrugated packaging across industries

As we said, not all boxes are the same! And corrugated packaging has a great variety of uses which means there is a wide range of tests that boxes must undergo to prove that they indeed are the right packaging for the product:

  • Bursting Strength Test to determine how much weight the box can carry
  • Edge Crush Test to check material quality
  • Water Resistance to check permeability in bad weather conditions
  • Paper Grammage and Thickness to verify the rigidity
  • Scuff Resistance Test for abrasion and wearing
  • Box Compression Test for staking on pallets


Advantages of using corrugated board across many industries


Carboard boxes are environmentally friendly. They reduce the rate of deforestation, they are 100% recyclable, they prevent landfills from growing and they are appreciated by consumers that are particularly conscious about environment related issues.

Production of corrugated boxes to serve the packaging industry does not require excessive amounts of water and energy as the fiber can be used up to 7 times and processing carboards is much cheaper then processing virgin trees.


In marketing and in sales, being able to customize packaging and promote your brand is extremely important. Clients want to have luxury packaging, high quality graphics, they want something that catches their eye.

Corrugated solutions allow you to satisfy your packaging needs as well as your customers’ needs. They are easy to customize in terms of color, design, shape and finishing and can create a professional appearance and help your brand stand out.

Cost Efficiency

Corrugated is the most cost-effective packaging option. It is cheap to produce and easy to recycle and can help your company reduce costs and increase profits.



Corrugated packaging is growing and improving in quality. Companies understand the value of corrugated cardboard and are using it more and more in a variety of sectors.

Toppy has collaborated with Amazon in the e-commerce sector, with pharma and healthcare companies, luxury brands and food companies. Our machines turn carboard piles and use air and vibration to align to load, center it on the pallet and remove dust for an optimal result. They speed up the production process while making them safer. 

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