Master Toppy is a stationary pile turner capable of turning, vibrating and aligning stacks of paper or cardboard with a maximum weight of 3,000kg. Our machine can be integrated in a production line with laminating and die-cutting machines to maximise production and increase safety.

Recent “Master Toppy Inline” installations

Inline pile turner equipped with
air jogger and conveyor belts

Inline pile turner for
pallet exchanging

Inline pile turner equipped with
jogger aeretor for perfect alignment

Technical Features

Max. paper size

Master Toppy One

760×1060 mm
(30×41 inches)

Master Toppy

1250×1650 mm
(50×65 inches)

Master Toppy Jumbo

1650×2050 mm
(65×80 inches)

Master Toppy Jumbo XL

2150×3250 mm
(85×128 inches)

Automatic Pile Turners

In a typical production line, the automatic pile turner is integrated with other equipment, such as a conveyor system or stacker. The stack of paper or cardboard is placed onto the conveyor, which transports it to the pile turner. The pile turner then lifts and rotates the stack, before placing it back onto the conveyor to be transported to the next stage of the production process.

Automatic pile turners can handle large volumes of paper or cardboard stacks quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of manual labor required and improving accuracy. They are also customizable, allowing them to be tailored to the specific needs of the production line. They are typically used along with laminating machines or die-cutting machines.

Thanks to the high level of automation, you will be able to collect data and make better decisions, the downtime will be reduced and there won’t be any risk for the operators.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a pile turner and aren’t sure about which is the best fit for you, just get in touch with our team and we will provide all the information you may need.

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