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What is a Pile Turner?

A pile turner is a machine used to flip large piles of paper or cardboard sheets. It is ideal for the printing and packaging industries as it allows for more efficient and precise cutting, folding, or printing.

Pile turners can handle sheets of varying sizes and thicknesses and can accommodate piles weighing up to several thousand pounds. Some pile turners may also include features such as vibration, air blowing, or squaring to further improve the quality of the finished product.

Pile turners are an essential tool for businesses that require high-quality output and efficient handling of paper or cardboard sheets as they:

  • Ensure that products are packeged correctly and securely
  • Help to reduce the risk of injury
  • Help to reduce costs
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the process


How does a Pile Turner work?

A Pile Turner generally comprises a conveyor belt, a lifting mechanism, and a turning mechanism. The conveyor belt moves the product stack to the lifting mechanism, which raises and flips the stack into a horizontal orientation. The turning mechanism then lowers the stack back onto the conveyor belt, which moves it to the subsequent stage of the packaging process.


Types of Pile Turners

Toppy Packaging provides 3 main types of Pile Turner designed and manufactured in Italy by our team of engineers. We offer many models that vary according to size and weight of the load, space available and different levels of automation.

Our models can be customized according to our clients’ needs and can come with extra features such as air and vibration, stackers, different types of conveyors and an automatic centering device. Here are three types of Pile Turners for the printing and packaging industry:

  • Stationary Pile Turners improve efficiency and reduce the risk of worker injury in paper handling operations.  They come with or without the air and vibration system to remove dust and align the sheets.
  • Mobile Pile Turners are designed to be moved to different locations of the plant. They offer flexibility and convenience and are ideal for the printing industry.
  • Automatic Pile Turners are used in a production line as they can handle large volumes of sheets quickly and efficiently, reducing labor and improving accuracy.

Stationary Pile Turners

Stationary pile turners can be installed at floor level or in a pit. They can handle a wide range of paper sizes and weights, and can be customized to meet specific production needs. They may feature air jets, clamps, or grippers to lift and rotate the stack, and some models may also incorporate vibration to loosen and separate the sheets.

Stationary pile turners can increase productivity and accuracy by reducing the amount of manual labor required, and by improving the efficiency of subsequent processing stages.

Toppy Packaging offers different models that can overturn the load and bring it back to its initial position or can send it through the machine to the opposite side.


Mobile Pile Turners

Unlike stationary models, mobile pile turners are equipped with wheels or casters, allowing them to be easily moved between different production areas. They are versatile and can handle a range of paper sizes and weights, and can be customized to meet specific formats of the printing industry.

Our machines ensure that stacks are flipped and aligned properly, reducing errors and improving the quality of the finished product. We provide electically powered pile turners with long lasting batteries as well as simple-to-use “roll-on/ roll-off” battery systems.

Automatic Pile Turners

In a typical production line, the automatic pile turner is integrated with other equipment, such as a conveyor system or stacker. The stack of paper or cardboard is placed onto the conveyor, which transports it to the pile turner. The pile turner then lifts and rotates the stack, before placing it back onto the conveyor to be transported to the next stage of the production process.

Automatic pile turners can handle large volumes of paper or cardboard stacks quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of manual labor required and improving accuracy. They are also customizable, allowing them to be tailored to the specific needs of the production line. They are typically used along with laminating machines or die-cutting machines.

Thanks to the high level of automation, you will be able to collect data and make better decisions, the downtime will be reduced and there won’t be any risk for the operators.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a pile turner and aren’t sure about which is the best fit for you, just get in touch with our team and we will provide all the information you may need.