New Installation 2023- “Master Toppy” Pile Turner

Quick and Easy istallatio of pile turner

Once again our top performing Pile Turner “Master Toppy” has been chosen by a leader in the cardboard industry for their new plant.

The leading producer in the recycled cartonboard business and the largest producer in Italy, France, the Netherlands and in the Iberian Peninsula, has chosen “Master Toppy” in its fully automatic version, which can lift and turn loads up to 1250x 1650mm.

This innovative machine offers a range of functionalities, including turning, vibrating, and aligning. Equipped with a robust turbine that generates air and vibrating motors, the Master Toppy is capable of efficiently separating individual sheets within paper or cardboard stacks while eliminating dust. Its advanced features ensure precise alignment of the gripper and squar for a  high-quality finished product that will be used for food and luxury packaging.

Among the Toppy Packaging range, the Master Toppy stands out as the most high-performance pile turner, owing to its unique operational principle. Through two consecutive 90° rotations, it transitions to its vertical processing position, where both air and vibration functions are engaged. Another 90° rotation then positions it for stack turning.

This machine can be used as stand-alone or can be integrated into a production line.

Safe and quick installation of our pile turner


Istallation at floor level is quick and easy and your operator will be safe and work efficiently without any risks. Get in touch with our team of experts to get all the info you need about our models and automation systems.

Sationary pile turner latest installation 2023
Latest istallation of Master Toppy Pile turner 2023

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