Introducing Our Brand New Showroom!

Pile turners and automation features at our showroom

Step into our showroom and immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Toppy Packaging is glad to announce the opening of our showroom where you will find our latest version of “Master Toppy “ with air jogger and vibration as well as our ACS (automatic centering system). The machine can be used in line along with other automation features such as the APD (automatic pallet dispenser) for a better management of plastic pallets.

Come visit us at Toppy Packaging to experience our machines in Action.


Master Toppy with ACS

Our Master Toppy AJ is a high performing stationary pile turner that will process up to 16/18 pallets per hour. No pit needed, installation at floor level is quick and easy and the machines only takes up only just a little floor space.


The Air Jogger enables the separation and dust removal of each individual sheet within the paper or cardboard stack, ensuring precise alignment of the gripper and square.

The automatic centering system allows for the centering of the pile onto the plastic pallet and the smooth removal of wooden pallets for a “Non-Stop” plastic pallet cycle.


Automatic Pallet Dispenser- Stand Alone pallet stacker

Utilizing a pallet dispenser offers numerous advantages, such as heightened efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved space utilization.

  • By optimizing pallet stacking in a more compact footprint, these dispensers enhance space efficiency, thereby freeing up valuable room in your warehouse or manufacturing facility.
  • The pallets will be neatly stacked, keeping your operators safe and your plastic pallets in optimal conditions.
  • Possibility to move one pallet at the time or all the pallets at once. The operator can choose the cycle.
  • Ideal for stacks up to 12 pallets with the possibility to add 12 more.


Get in touch with our team to make an appointment and see our machines in action!

brand new showroom showcasing our latest pile turner
visit our showroom and check out our plastic pallet dispenser

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