Reel lifters and turners
What they are and why you need them  

Reel Turner aspo 600 Toppy Packaging

The world of packaging is growing and can now handle any type of material. In particular there are 2 main sectors, rigid packaging, that uses sheets, and flexible packaging coming from rolls.

Toppy is a leading company in the world of packaging, material handling, and pallet inverters. We manufacture machines that are able to comfortably and safely handle both types of materials based on the needs of our clients. Our pile turners work with carboard sheets and our reel turners handle all types of reels.

The two markets have different targets and complete one another. We have provided both machines to some of our clients to allow them to handle both types of load and process different types of products.  Sheets are used for bigger sizes and heavy loads while reels are used for small size packaging and bags. They are lighter and many reels can be loaded on a pallet.

What are reel turners and how do they work?

Reel lifters and turners are used for lifting, transporting and turning reels from an upright, vertical position to horizontal position or vice versa, in order to process the reels or store them, in particular in industries such as printing and packaging.

The mobile machines are composed of a basic frame on robust wheels, an electric pump, a vertical mechanical arm and pistons to move and rotate the load. They offer a compact and maneuverable solution to optimize production and increase safety.

In the stationary machines, anchor bolts fasten the machines to the floor and rubber covered grips can handle also the most delicate materials.  A selection of tools to grip the load is possible depending on type of material and positioning of the reel – gripping from the core with spindle attachments or with clamps from the outside. Both of them allow to safely hold the reel into position for lifting and turning.

The typical materials that can be handled are:

  • Paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Film
  • Foil
  • Tissue
  • Labels

Because of this wide range of materials, reels can be both short or long, have various diameters and vary in weight and thickness. But, most importantly, they have many degrees of vulnerability and need to be handled with care with gripping pads that do not damage the roll.

Some key aspects to consider when purchasing these machines are:

  • Reel dimensions – diameter, length, width and weight
  • Pallet dimensions
  • How the equipment is loaded and unloaded -pallet transport, trolley or conveyors
  • Type of gripping


Reel turners and reel lifters in Toppy

To overcome the challenges of lifting, transporting and turning rolls while keeping the operators safe, Toppy has developed a range of innovative solutions for handling various materials and dimensions with levels of automation, all designed to avoid physical strain or any type of damage to the reel.

Our Roll Turners Toppy Aspo and Toppy Web are ideal for print, food & pharma industries environments. They are battery propelled Reel Turner trucks, specifically designed to handle reels of different material from the core with a spindle or from the external diameter using two clamps.

Toppy designs and manufactures its solutions according to client’s requirements, from heavy-duty reeling machine to high-speed coiling machines, customizing machines based on weight, reel size capacity, reel width and height.

Our team of engineers ensures quality in terms of efficiency, safety, performance, and durability.

Our customer service is available in multiple languages throughout the journey with us.

The Aspo line

Toppy Aspo is a mobile reel turner to handle reels of different materials, weighing up to 600 Kg.
The reel is taken from its core by a spindle, that expands for a safe and strong grip and turns the reel from a vertical to horizontal position and vice versa.
Toppy Aspo Label roll turners have been conceived to avoid the cone effect when lifting the reel thanks to a hydraulic clamp which tightens the circumference of the reel, becoming one with it.

The WEB line

Toppy Web is mobile reel turner with electric traction, able to turn by 90°/180°/360° reels of paper with a maximum weight of 300/600/1000 Kg depending on the model. They enable the operator to take single paper reel with the use of a clamp, move them, turn them and easily place them back into the rotary press or pallet, in order to be placed into the printing machine. The WEB line also includes a stationary model, the WEB Fixed.


Benefits of investing in a reel turner

Reel handling industries demand reliability and safety. Here are some advantages of adding a reel lifter or turner to your plant:

  • A variety of models with manual and electric rotation
  • Excellent build quality
  • Can handle rolls up to 1000 kg
  • Mobile or stationary solutions
  • Different types of grips depending on material
  • Rubber covered gripping pads to avoid damaging the reel
  • 12-month warranty
  • Customization based on client’s needs
  • Increased safety for operators- no effort required
  • Frontal or lateral reel loading or unloading
  • Different turning variants


Our reel turners and pile turners will give your company a competitive edge. If you are interested in more information about our machines please get in touch with us.

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