Choose from inline, stationary, and mobile pile turners

Toppy Packaging offers advanced pile turner models available in mobile, stationary, or in-line versions that are also customizable for your application. Handle your pile in the fastest and safest way possible!

Un retourneur de piles positionné pour une manipulation efficace des matériaux dans une installation d'emballage.

Fully automatic pile turner integrated into a production line.

In-line Solutions
comparing pile turners built by the world leaders Krifft & Zipsner and Toppy Packaging

Pile turner solution in the push-button and automatic version.

Stationary Solutions

Easy-to-use mobile machines

adaptable in any space.

Mobile Solutions

Frequently Asked Question

The pile turner allows greater productivity for printing and processing machines (die cutters, embossers, couplers, cutters, etc.) since it prepares perfectly aligned stacks of cardboard.

Toppy has developed several automation levels: the most sophisticated of our pile turners does not require an operator to be present while processing, removing and inserting pallets, as well as removing sheets. (link Conveyor taking a pallet on board, from the pallet change sector).

The pile turners can be integrated in automatic conveyor lines manufactured by Toppy or in pre-existing lines. Furthermore, Toppy’s pile turners are designed to be compatible with printing, coupling and embossing machines.

For a few years now Industry 4.0 has been the focus of our economic transformation both in Italy and around the world. Due to their technical characteristics, Toppy’s pile turners can be integrated in the management system of paper processing industries (packaging). These state-of-the-art devices are process machines, therefore they can co-operate serially with the existing management system of your company.

The operations of our pile turners are quick and effective. In fact, they can handle up to 18 pallets an hour. The importance that Toppy gives to the hourly speed of the pile turners starts from the engineering and research of performing components and ends with the creation of the software, capable of ensuring maximum speed with utmost safety.

Since its origin Toppy has brought and added value in terms of design.
The pile turners use a hydraulic system to turn the stacks, since this ensures fast and safe movement. Furthermore, this system allows the devices to last longer without requiring periodical maintenance.

All the Toppy pile turners meet the most strict requirements of the lastest generation packaging machines of the world. They precisely align the cardboard stacks with minimum distance and remove, with powerful jets of air, the dust, essential operations for all subsequent production processes of the non stop cycle. They also avoid long waiting times due to manual filling and avoid material damage. Drying times are also dignificantly reduced.

Toppy Pile turners are certified to operate in compliance with all safety regulations, even the most severe.

They have barriers, photocells and other devices suitable to avoid any risk for the operator who can perform all his tasks without danger, in fact for any potentially dangerous operation the machine stops instatly and does not restart untill the safety conditions are re established.

We have various automation standards that facilitate the handling of non stop and in plastic pallets and in all solutions the non stop pallet is never touched by the oprerator.

  • MCS (manual centering system)With manual centering system the operator only needs to set up, using a handweel, the paper size which is than alligned and centerd on the plastic pallet. The pile turner carries out all the processing phases autonomously
  • ACS (automatic centering system) – With automatic centering the stacker operates autonomusly and aligns and centrates the stack thanks to a serie of precision measurements with the sonar tecnology.
  • APL (Automatic Pallet Loader)The automation that deals with the handling of pallets from the stacker (loading and unloading) is the most complete and makes our stackers completely indipendent. They use pallet stackers to pick up and store the pallets they use for processing.
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