Why printing and converting companies need a pile turner

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What is a pile turner?

Pile turners are must- have machines in the printing and converting industry.

The main purpose of Pile Turners is the turning and moving of paper and cardboard pallets of different size, weight and format. This is done by hydraulically lifting and turning the pile. Pile turners replace time-consuming manual handling by turning the product on its head. Then, the pallet is manually removed from the machine and replaced with a new pallet.

Toppy has been a leader in the sector for over 40 years. Our range of pile turners includes Mobile Pile Turners and Stationary Pile Turners, with or without air and vibration system that guarantee the utmost quantity and quality performance.

Main functions of pile turners

Pile turners can work as stand- alone machines or can be integrated into a logistic system using conveying technology with plastic belts or roller conveyors.

They can also be equipped with jogging and aerating units (with blowers and air-nozzles) which allows them to carry out additional tasks such as:

  • Accelerating the drying process of printed products
  • Aligning of the sheets through the use of an aligning gauge
  • Removal of waste sheets by the operator
  • Easy Pallet exchange by hand, which includes replacement of wooden pallets with system pallets for the non-stop pallet process
  • Centering the pile on the pallet when equipped with a centering device
  • Separating sticking sheets prior to the printing process


Advantages of using pile turners in the packaging industry

The packaging market, the printing industry and carboard converting sector are rapidly growing and expect better and quicker results.

Pile turners have proven to be a sensible investment as they:

  • Speed up and improve the quality of printing and the finishing process
  • Handle different sorts of paper and board
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Provide a solid and compact solution
  • Avoid mis-feeds by creating air cushion between the sheets


Mobile and stationary pile turners

Toppy offers several models of mobile pile turners for the turning and moving of pallets of paper with a different range of weight and size. This kind of equipment is electrically powered, requires little space and is useful whenever a pallet of paper has to be removed from the printing machine and turned for the second side printing. Our machines can be realized with wide base of the legs to make it possible to pick up also pallets closed at the base, they can be manual or full-automatic.

Our stationary pile turners can be fixed to the ground, are easy to install and can be integrated within any production department, so to become part of a logistic system and be connected to offset printing machines, die-cutters, coupling machines in order to optimize the working process.

They offer great performance and can handle out of standard formats.

We offer manual models featuring a push-button panel placed near the pile turner, and automatic models with a PLC in order to select the most proper working cycle, according to the kind of pallet.

For more detailed information have a look at our pile turner models

Optional features and tools for pile turners

Pile turners are smart investment for companies looking to increase quality, speed up production and keep their workers safe. Our machines come in a wide range or models and offer numerous additional options:

  • ACS (Automatic Centering System): The ACS allows automatic insertion and centering of the plastic pallet as well as blowing and alignment of cardboard stacks. After processing the stack and pulling out the pallet in “non-stop cycle”, the centering device will position the load in the middle of the pallet.
  • Manual centering system: The same result can be achieved manually, when the operator uses a specific program to center the load in the middle of the pallet.
  • APL (Automatic Pallet Loader): The APL is an automatic loading system to load plastic pallets provided by the main manufacturers of machines utilized in the packaging industry, for a “NON STOP” pallet cycle. The Non-Stop system was especially designed for efficient logistic processes in the printing industry as it ensures smooth processes in non-stop printing.
  • De-ionization device to neutralize static charges
  • Curtains and barriers: When using a fully automated pile turner, additional safety measures include light curtains and barriers. Light curtains create a virtual barrier that stop the machine whenever an operator gets too close. Metal grids are physical barriers that surround the machine so that nobody can interfere with the operations of the pile turner.
  • Clamps: When buying a pile turner, optional clamps in different ranges are available to make the machine suitable to all sizes of paper and cardboard.


For any further information on pile turners, Toppy has a strong team of engineers that will manufacture pile turners that are customized and unique to each client.

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