Stationary pile turner capable of turning, vibrating and ventilating paper or cardboard platforms up to a maximum weight of 1,800kg. The Twister 1600 AJ pile turner does not require masonry work or pits for installation, since the platforms are perfectly aligned with the base, therefore it can be fastened directly to the floor.

The pallet is inserted by means of a forklift truck or man-operated vehicle, in any case the operator must position the pallet frontally (blowing chamber). Now the Twister pile turner is ready to start the work program, allowing the stack of paper/cardboard to be inserted into the machine. Sheets are perfectly separated and aligned by means of the powerful vibration system and with the help of powerful turbines. 

Pile turner twister 1600 with air jogger
pile turner twister pallet hooking
Paper Toppy Automatic Centering System ACS

Work cycle

The operator can select a program from the relevant control panel, according to needs. Different programs are available, from the stack turning-only program to the most complete program that uses the air turbine and vibrating bench to process the paper/cardboard stack. The Twister pile turner can be supplied in a semi-automatic version, where the presence of the operator is necessary during the entire processing stage, or in a completely automatic version. This is fitted with a programmable “PLC system” and the operator does not need to be present during processing.

The synchronised platforms of the Toppy Twister pile turner start moving until they reach the photocells that measure the height of the load; after a 90° turn on the vertical axis and a 90° rotation of the cardboard pallet, the processing stage begins.
A powerful turbine and effective vibrating motors can align and perfectly remove dust from each single sheet of the paper stack.

After the process, the pile turner is ready to continue rotation until the paper stack is completely overturned, or it returns to the initial pallet loading position.

Pile turner Toppy
Twister 1600 Air Jogger

Check out this video with the Toppy Twister 1600 Air Jogger pile turner in action. This video shows the operation of the fully automatic version with PLC. The operator selects the cycle and the air and ventilation system separate the sheets and remove the dust.

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