Stationary pile turner capable of turning, vibrating and aligning paper or cardboard platforms up to a maximum weight of 3,000kg. Master Toppy is equipped with a powerful turbine to generate air and vibrating motors. This combination allows separating, removing dust from each individual sheet of the paper or cardboard stack and perfectly aligning the gripper and square.

Paper turner Master Toppy is the pile turner having the best performance of the Toppy range due to its operating principle. After a 90° rotation, Master Toppy will be on the vertical axis in its processing position, i.e. with air and vibration. After another 90° rotation, it reaches the stack turning position.
The rotation speed and acceleration ramps are ensured by inverters set to minimise the time required, according to the weights to be moved. Furthermore, its speed is also associated with the rotation principle it uses.

Industrial pile turner for efficient warehouse management
Rugged pile turner for use in harsh environments
Pile turner increases efficiency in warehouse logistics

Careful in every detail

Ongoing research for innovations in the packaging industry allowed Toppy to consistently grow over time. When manufacturing its machines, it has always used the latest hydraulic and mechanical components. The Master Toppy AJ paper turner is based on the principle of rotating a crescent-shaped steel structure by means of high-resistance rubber wheels located on a mechanical base.

It is also used optimally in integrated logistic solutions to handle pallets. Toppy Packaging design department can offer various logistic solutions by means of plastic conveyor belts, roller conveyors, chain conveyors as well as shuttles to handle and feed production and processing machines.
For this reason, Master Toppy AJ can be installed either on the floor or within a pit, designed by Toppy, having a depth equal to the height of platforms, to facilitate them being loaded by means of a transpallet.

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Pile turner safely and quickly turns stacks of materials in warehouses

Available in different formats

Master Toppy is available in the following formats

The Master Toppy AJ turns paper or cardboard pallets with the following formats:
125cm x 165cm – 165cm x 205cm –  200cm x 300cm.


Master Toppy AJ Jumbo pile turner (new installation)

This video shows the operation of Master Toppy  AJ Jumbo with all its details. This pile turner is ideal in printing and packaging industry, for pile turning, aligning, dust removal, and more. It can be used as stand-alone or integrated in a logistic line.

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TOPPY, at your service for 40 years

Since 1978, Toppy designs and manufactures pile turners for the paper and processing industries. Ongoing research and development have led the Toppy pile turners to become the world leaders in the graphic and paper industries.

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