Stationary pile turner capable of turning, vibrating and ventilating paper or cardboard platforms up to a maximum weight of 2,000kg. Excel 2000 with air and vibration was designed to meet the requests of the packaging industry with paper weight and formats outside of standard needs. The Excel 2000 pile turner integrates perfectly within any production department, since it does not require pits or other masonry work for its installation.


Furthermore, this device can be supplied by means of a forklift truck or with logistic conveyors. The Excel 2000 AJ pile turner is fitted with 2 platforms, which can be used to install conveyors or roller conveyors to automatically supply paper pallets.
The operator selects the desired operating program from the control panel.


Pile turner Excel 2000 air jogger
Pile turner Toppy EXCEL 2000
pile turner excel 2000

Work cycle

After inserting the paper pallet, the two platforms move and close, then overturning is started and ends up on the vertical axis. After a 90° rotation it will be in its processing position, i.e. with air and vibration.
A powerful turbine within the pile turner will start to generate air, and the nozzles in the bottom part of the cardboard will dispense sufficient air to separate or remove dust from every individual sheet of the paper or cardboard stack. After this process, the program will continue as a pile turner, therefore turning the stack by 180° or returning to the initial loading position.


The synchronised platforms of the Toppy Excel 2000 pile turner start moving until they reach the photocells that measure the height of the load; after a 90° turn on the vertical axis and a 90° rotation of the cardboard pallet, the processing stage begins.
A powerful turbine and effective vibrating motors can align and perfectly remove dust from each single sheet of the paper stack.
After the process, the pile turner is ready to continue rotation until the paper stack is completely overturned, or it returns to the initial pallet loading position.

Pile turner Toppy
Excel 2000 Air Jogger

See a video with the Toppy Excel 2000 Air Jogger pile turner in action. This video shows the operation of the automatic version with PLC integrated in a Toppy logistic line. In this video, the operator processes the paper personally, bypassing this stage in the automatic cycle.

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