Our mobile pile turner Toppy Kompressor is an exceptionally versatile and compact machine. It is used for turning, transporting, aerating, and jogging piles of paper, board, plastic, and other materials. 

It includes forks that are mounted on linear rails and will be inserted under the pallet to lift the load, as well as a built-in air turbine located in the chassis of the machine. The air supply consists of a powerful air blower operated by an inverter that allows for dust removal, alignment of the sheets, drying and cleaning of each sheet and a a higher quality finished product.


This innovative pile turner is electrically powered and self-propelled. It can handle loads up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg with sizes from a minimum of 50×70 cm to a maximum of 76×106 cm.

Toppy Packaging offers a long lasting battery or alternatively an optional “roll-on / roll-off ” system that will allow the operator to rapidly change the battery.

We provide machines with all the safety systems that you will need in order to avoid accidents at work, such as an emergency button, a safety reverser and an acustic indicator.

pile turner toppy kompressor side


The operator will approach the goods with our Toppy Kompressor  and insert the two forks under the pallet. Then the machine lifts the product from the base and locks it into a safe position.  By using the control panel the operator will tilt the load  at 90 °, press the shutter release control and manually twist the load 180°. 

The operator can choose to process the load with air and vibration if needed, and can remove waste sheets.  Our machine also allows for easy pallet changing or pallet removal.

Finally the load can be lowered overturned into the initial position and the pallet can be fed into the printing machine for a new cycle.

Mobile pile turner Toppy

This video shows our Toppy Kompressor in action. The operator lifts the load from the contol panel and selects the air cycle to remove the dust and separate the sheets.  The twisting is done manually and the operator finally uses the contol panel to lower the load. The battery is simple to charge and change.

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mobile pile turner toppy kompressor

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