Mobile Pile Turner Toppy Advance is ideal in the priting industry whenever a pallet of paper or cardboard needs to be removed from the printing machine and turned for the second side printing. Once overturned, the operator can effortlessly remove the old pallet from the load.

Toppy Advance is small and agile, therefore the turning operation takes place in few seconds in very confined spaces.  Our pile turners are equipped with safety systems to avoid accidents at work and ensure the appropriate quality standards.

Mobile pile turner Toppy Advance is electrically powered and can handle pallets of paper up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg, and with size from 50 x 70 cm to 76 x 106 cm with an opening of 1320 and works at floor level. The Advance model for cardboad has a wider opening of 1620mm and it’s used when the machine is lifted.

The gel batteries can last up to 8-10 hours. The duration of the batteries can be increased when purchasing larger batteries, or as an optional we offer a quick  “roll-on / roll-off” battery changing system.

Toppy Pacakging also offers a wide-base (straddle type) configuration for closed-bottom pallets. 

Pile turner toppy advance side
Pile turner toppy advance side up
Pile turner toppy advance front


Toppy Advance is provided with a push button panel for the control of any single operation.  The operator will insert the forks of the trolley into the pallet and lift it from the ground. Pressing a button on the control panel he will close the clamps and lock the load into a safe position and tilt the load by 90°.

The turning operation is manually done by the operator and takes place in just a few seconds in total safety.

The rotation system has been conceived in order to avoid pressure on the newly printed sheets. Once the load is overturned, the pile of paper is lowered back to the ground and ready to be inserted into the printing machine for a new printing cycle.

Pile turner Toppy

Here is our Toppy Advance pile turner in action. The operator can use the control panel to lift and lower the load and manually twists it. Maintenance is simple and the battery is quick to recharge.

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Pile turner toppy advance

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