Pile Turner Maxi Toppy Adv is an electrically powered pile turner designed to swiftly handle paper pallets from printing machines, enabling quick and efficient flipping for double-sided printing. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in tight spaces, eliminating the need for dedicated operation areas.

The pile turner comes with the latest generation gel batteries that run up to 8-10 hours or  our “roll-on / roll-off”optional, a quick battery change system.

It is ideal for the large formats of the graphic industry, as it can handle pallets of paper up to a maximum weight of 1800 kg, and with size from 70 x 100 cm up to large formats of 120 x 160 cm. 

The operator can lift the load using the control panel without any physical effort or risk of injury, and the machine is equipped with an emergency button and an acoustic signal as additional safety measures to ensure the appropriate standards.

Lifting loads of carboard with Maxi toppy pile turner


 The forks of Maxi Toppy Adv are mounted on linear rails. The operator approaches the goods and inserts two forks under the pallet. After that, through the control panel, he  lifts the product from the base and uses the clamps to lock the load into a safe position. The load is then tilted vertiacally at 90° and the operator will manually twist the load. After the 180° rotation the load can be lowered into the initial position overturned and ready for the second side of printing.  This will also allow for an easy pallet change when needed.



Mobile pile turner Maxi Toppy

Have a look at this video. Maxi Toppy is easy to move, doesn’t require a lot of space and moves large formats of paper or cardbord. The operator quickly and effortlessly twists the load for the second side of printing.



Maxi Toppy for Packaging

This pile turner’s flat legs are ideal for loads of carboard up to 1500 Kg and sizes up to 1500x2000mm.
The base is wide and the legs are lower than the pallet and easy to insert.

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