Master Toppy is a stationary pile turner capable of turning, vibrating and aligning stacks of paper or cardboard with a maximum weight of 3,000kg. Our machine can be integrated in a production line with laminating and die-cutting machines to maximise production and increase safety.

Our top performing paper handling machine will overturn the load and process it with air and vibration to remove dust and align the sheets.

A conveyor will feed the load into the pile turner which will process it and place it onto another conveyor in order to be transported into the next phase of the process. This will allow you to increase productivity as well as safety. 

perfectly center and align the load with our pile turner
Automatic pile turner for high safety levels
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Fully Automatic Master Toppy used in-line

This video shows the operation of Master Toppy in its Automatic version. Our pile turner is ideal for the packaging industry when integrated in- line.

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Fully automatic pile turner with conveyors

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Since 1978, Toppy designs and manufactures pile turners for the paper and processing industries. Ongoing research and development have led the Toppy pile turners to become the world leaders in the graphic and paper industries.

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