Our automatic  Pile Turner can be integrated in a production line with die-cutters and laminating machines thanks to conveyors. This will boost production and increase safety. 

Integrate our pile turners in line to optimise production
Master Toppy In-Line

Pile Turner Master Toppy Automatic

The Master Toppy is an automatic pile turner designed to turn, vibrate, and align stacks of paper or cardboard weighing up to 3,000 kg. This state-of-the-art machine seamlessly integrates into production lines, working in tandem with laminating and die-cutting machines to maximize productivity and enhance safety.

Our top-performing paper handling machine employs automated processes to overturn loads.  The air and vibration action effectively removes dust and ensures precise alignment of the sheets.

A fully automated conveyor system feeds the load into the pile turner, which then processes it and transfers it onto another conveyor for the next phase of production. This streamlined automation significantly boosts productivity and safety, reducing manual handling and operational risks.

By incorporating the Master Toppy into your production line, you can achieve higher efficiency, improved product quality, and a safer working environment.

Automatic Features for our range of Pile Turners

The Toppy APL (Automatic Pallet Loader) seamlessly integrates with Toppy’s range of automatic pile turners, creating an efficient, fully automated system for handling pallets in the packaging industry. The APL continuously loads plastic pallets, preparing and transferring stacks of cardboard onto them quickly and precisely.

This automation removes the need for manual handling, significantly boosting productivity and safety by ensuring a continuous “NON-STOP” operation. It also organizes and stacks wooden pallets efficiently, using multiple pallet stackers for extended autonomous work. With Toppy’s extensive experience, the system is tailored to meet specific client needs, enhancing the overall industrial packaging process.