The key role of customer service in the pile turners sector

Customer service pile turners

Pile turners are known to be important machines in the production process and they are frequently used in the converting industry. Their use can in fact range from box factories to the graphic industry, offset printing or any company that work with die cutting machines and laminating machines.

Our machines have a great performance in these sectors due to the number of operating hours and the variety of weight and dimension they handle. Purchasing our machines will reduce down-time due to malfunctioning or breakdowns that will lead to a stop in production with a significant economic loss.

Toppy has been investing a lot of effort and money on Customer Care so that we can offer a specialized service to our customers and keep their machines up and running and efficient through the years.

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Buying the machine is only the first step in creating a partnership between our 2 companies and in order to do so we follow 4 main guidelines.

Our highly specialized staff will listen and answer to all your questions when it comes to spare parts and assistance. Through our on-line email address, we can share information and support our clients in multiple languages.

In a fast running world, it is important for pile turners to reduce the downtime of the machine. Toppy has always used automatic warehouses along with our management software to quickly find spare parts and enhance material handling. We have recently purchased 2 more automatic warehouses following a growing number of orders and installations at our clients’ sites.

Starting from our initial offer, spare parts are included in the proposal so that our customers will already have all the items they need and won’t need to wait any longer and waste precious time.

To further improve our assistance service, we offer remote assistance by connecting with the machine and using the data provided to rapidly understand which components will have to be replaced.

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We carefully select our technicians and prepare them so that they can promptly take action and reduce the down-time of the machine. We offer an assistance plan that ensures our presence on site once a year to better understand what type of assistance our client might need.

For all these reasons, Toppy has proven to be the ideal partner when looking to buy a pile turner.

Please get in touch with us to have a chat with our team when purchasing your next pile turner.

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