Sustainability in the packaging industry and in Toppy

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Consumers and businesses are embracing the concept of sustainable packaging. As we are all becoming more environmentally conscious, the packaging industry is adopting new strategies to show increased awareness regarding processes and materials.

Let’s have a look at some trends of 2022

  • Packaging companies are now prioritizing eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Plastic is a product of the past and we now use 100% compostable materials that will cause no harm to the environment. The use of paper and carboard is therefore likely to grow as a valid alternative to plastic and consumers are willing to pay a little more for packaging that won’t pose a rick to wildlife.
  • Less is more. Not only are we looking for new materials, we are actually using less materials and eliminating anything that does not serve a purpose. Simplifying is the key.
  • Using eco-friendly inks that are water-based, soy -based and algae-based and won’t be considered hazardous waste.
  • Improving packaging recyclability by using mono-material packaging that is clearly labelled and easy to clean.
  • Improved efficiency in the factories through the use of renewable energy and the reduction of water usage. A “lean warehouse” operates at a highly efficient rate, with minimal errors and with reduced order processing time and the unnecessary transportation of supplies.

What we are doing

In Toppy Packaging we feel that we all have a great responsibility to keep our planet safe and allow the next generations to live in the best possible conditions.


  • This is why we were the first in the 90s to switch from solvent based paint to water base paints.
  • In 2000 we got rid of all lead batteries in favor of gel-cell batteries that don’t emit as many toxic fumes in the charging phase.
  • In the mid-2000s we produced the first plastic pallet in recycled plastic, giving a second life to plastic that was going to be disposed of.
  • The pressing topic of pollution encouraged us to become self- sufficient in terms of energy production therefore significantly reducing CO2 emissions.
  • We have chosen to use a fleet of electric cars.
  • FATs are done online and our clients can witness the tests from the comfort of their office and avoid business travel.

 Toppy is a global company that believes in being environmentally friendly and is happy to adopt new measures and commit to high standards to preserve the planet.

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