ROI on pile turners

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ROI calculations are fundamental in any company in order to understand if a machine represents a profitable investment and will make you more competitive and successful in your field. Here are some considerations when it comes to investing in a pile turner.

Key factors to consider to calculate the ROI

In the decision-making process it is therefore crucial to calculate the ROI when looking to buy a new piece of machinery in the packaging and converting industry to: 

  • Create a new packaging line
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase product quality
  • Improve morale in the plant
  • Speed up production
  • Increase safety

 The ROI calculations will need to be accurate and take into consideration:

  • Initial cost of the machine
  • Shipping
  • Installation costs
  • Training costs
  • Maintanance costs
  • Spare parts expenses

Positive ROI with pile turners

To fully understand the benefits that our pile turners will provide to your company, have a look at the top 5 reasons why you will have a positive ROI when purchasing a pile turner.

Non-stop pallet

The Non-stop pallet system was designed to make the logistic process more efficient and ensure non-stop printing. Toppy APL (Automatic Pallet Loader) is an automatic loading system to load plastic pallets provided by the main manufacturers of machines utilized in the packaging and printing industry, for a “NON STOP” cycle. This will allow companies to reduce time for manual insertion of the pallet, speed up production and make the working environment safe.

Reduction of down-time to wash rollers

The regular cleaning and maintenance of the printing machine is one of the most important conditions in order to deliver a high-quality product. Pile turners perform dusting operations that will allow to remove dust and impurities from each sheet, so that it will not be necessary to stop the machine to wash the rubber roller. The number of waste sheets will also be significantly reduced.

Perfect alignment

When using a pile turner, pallets will be centered and the load will be correctly aligned, so that production will be quicker and smooth and operators will be able to continue on other activities.

Creating a logistic flow

Our pile turners are a great way to achieve maximum benefits from your line, by integrating different machines into a flow. No operators and forklifts will be necessary to connect printing machines, laminating machines and die-cutters when pile turners and conveyors (roll conveyors, chain conveyors or carpets) are inserted in the line. This will allow the pallet to move through the site from the beginning to the end of the line without interruptions.

Reduce injury

Automation reduces the risk of injury at the operational level by removing workers from dangerous work procedures. This will keep your works safe and reduce injuries in your company.

Pile turners
will bring a quick return on investments to any business as they will help reduce costs and risk and maximize efficiency. For further information regarding our pile turner and if you are interested understanding how to integrate your machine in a line, get in touch with our team of experts.

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