Pile turner customer service and spare parts management in Toppy

Pile turner customer service office

The customer experience depends on the totality of all impressions that customers receive from a company in the entire duration of a customer relationship. After sales plays a crucial role in keeping clients satisfied, and in Toppy we want to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our continuous growth led us to create a department dedicated to pile turners with highly qualified staff to best meet the increasing requests coming from the packaging market.

We believe that after-sales service is critical for the future of our business, in order to ensure repeat customers, foster word-of-mouth referrals, and keep a positive brand image. This is why we are happy to invest in machinery and staff that can help you in maintaining our pile turners efficient.

The key factors of good customer service in Toppy

We recognize the power of customer service and a good customer experience.

Good customer service to us is forward looking and strengthens the relationship with the customer. Our customer service is based on a few key points:

A personalized service in requesting spare parts

When the machine is first produced, we assign a code to it and create a draft with all the codes of the components used for production as well as the spare parts that might be needed in the years to come. In this way, when the customer contacts our dedicated email address to request the parts, by giving us the code of the machine, we will be able to provide all the pieces requested in no time.

We have a simple but strong work order process that will ensure that the order goes from the customer service team straight to our warehouse team that will prepare the spare parts and have them ready for shipping with the couriers in less than 4 hours.

Spare parts management in our vertical storage system

Effective management of maintenance spare parts is a critical contributor to equipment operating performance and to the cost of the maintenance investment. It’s a benefit for the producer to check stock levels, reduce storage costs and excessive waste and for the client who seeks to minimize downtime and ensure the efficiency of the machine.

Toppy has invested in vertical warehouses to improve the performance of our team, ensure the safety of our workers and increase the efficiency of the order picking process with a minimum amount of floor space.

  • Our Spare Parts Management system allows us to be proactive and responsive to our client’s needs. The purpose is to provide the right parts, in the right quantity, in a quick time.
  • Our software is capable of recognizing when stock is low and automatically sends an order for the new item.
  • The vertical warehouse also comes with light guidance technology. When picking the right box with the item we need, a laser pointer will indicate exactly where the piece that we need is, further reducing the picking process time.
vertical storage customer service 2

The order arrives and it is passed to the warehouse

vertical storage customer service 1

The order is prepared for shipment

vertical storage customer service 3

The order is shipped

Remote assistance

As an optional, Toppy offers automatic machines with a PLC in order for the client to select the most proper working cycle, according to the kind of pallet and load you are working with.

The PLC software enables us to access serial-based devices attached to our network. We will be directly connected to the PLC of the client’s pile turner so that we can offer immediate help without the support of the operator. The PLC will recognize problems and patterns before failure of the machine by collecting all data and parameters. This will allow our customer service team to intervene and offer solutions without any delays.

In-house training

When purchasing the machine, the client can choose a package that includes installation and maintenance.

  • When ordering a stand- alone machine, we simply offer a manual and a link to a video, as installation is fairly easy and can be done by the local technicians.
  • For fully automatic machines that are integrated into the production line, the client can purchase a package that can include installation and start-up of the equipment as well as in-house training of the staff that will be able to recognize patterns and errors and the type of maintenance that needs to be done.



Our pile turners are built to live a long life, and they will do that thanks to the high quality of the materials we use, the expertise of our engineering team and our customer service that guarantees replacement parts and support to our customers.

As the packaging industry is moving towards a more sustainable future, we focus on improved efficiency in the factory with reduced order processing time and limiting the unnecessary transportation of supplies.

· We offer FATs online to spare the trip to any client who prefers witnessing the test from the comfort of their office

· Our vertical warehouse stores standardized parts as well as specialized parts for our newest models as well as for machines that are up to 20 years old.

· We also take into consideration trade-ins of old machinery in exchange for newer models with similar technical features so that the customer doesn’t need to worry about disposal.

Ensuring a ROI to the customer

We want our clients to be pleased when investing in our pile turners. Our machines are used in the printing and converting industry both as stand-alone and in the line, so it is important to have a good maintenance system to reduce down-time and waste sheets and keep the machine up and running.

There is a definitive financial return for the customer when receiving a high-level customer service. Our staff is trained to quickly handle any issue and support the customer and make this our priority.


Our team will stay in touch with the client also after the sale and will be able to provide the necessary support to install, maintain and operate the machine, and guarantee them a pleasant experience in every contact with the company. 

The customer service team is just as important to us as our other teams. It’s the direct connection between our business and our customers.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any information.

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