Optimizing Pile Turner Placement in Your Packaging Facility

A pile turner positioned for efficient material handling in a packaging facility.

The proper placement of a pile turner within a packaging facility can significantly impact productivity and workflow. In this blog post, we will explore the key considerations for determining the best position for a pile turner in a packaging facility.

Toppy Packaging offers a range of Stationary Pile Turners with different technical characteristics and several optional features. Here is how to best select the most suitable pile turner for your needs and how to define where to place it.

Pile turners positioned at Floor Level or In a Pit

When it comes to the placement of pile turners, there are two common options: floor level or in a pit. Let’s explore the advantages and considerations for each:

Floor Level Placement

Floor level placement involves positioning the pile turner directly on the facility floor. This will offer:

  • Higher accessibility as it provides easy access for operators to load and unload materials without any height restrictions or barriers
  • Flexibility in terms of equipment layout and future modifications, as there are no specific requirements for pit construction
  • Cost-effectiveness as it eliminates the need for building a pit, resulting in potential cost savings during installation

On the other hand, floor level placement requires a larger footprint and depending on the height of the pile turner, operators may need to bend or reach overhead, potentially causing strain or discomfort during material handling tasks.

Pit Placement

Pit placement involves constructing a recessed area or pit within the facility floor where the pile turner is positioned. When choosing to position the machine in a pit, our technician will offer all the necessary information and provide the designs for the  best possible result. Here are some key advantages:

  • Pit placement allows for efficient use of space within the facility as the equipment is recessed into the floor, minimizing its footprint
  • By positioning the pile turner at ground level, it promotes better ergonomics for operators, as they can load and unload materials without excessive bending or reaching
  • A pit placement ensures a lower center of gravity for the pile turner, enhancing stability during operation.

Some downsides may be the construction of a recessed area, which may require additional time, resources, and coordination during the facility setup or renovation. Also, the pit must have adequate access points for operators to enter and exit safely. Consideration should be given to safety features like guardrails or covers for the pit when the pile turner is not in use and maintenance activities for the pile turner may require additional effort due to the need to access the pit.


Choosing Between Pit Placement or Floor Level in Your Facility

Other factors to consider when positioning a pile turner

  1. Proximity to Raw Material Storage: Positioning the pile turner in close proximity to the raw material storage area is advantageous. This allows for easy and quick access to the stacks of materials that need to be turned or jogged.
  2. Workflow Integration: Understanding the workflow of your packaging facility is essential for determining the ideal placement of the pile turner. Identify the steps involved in the packaging process, from material preparation to finished goods, and strategically position the pile turner where it can seamlessly integrate into this workflow. When integrated into a production line, pile turners work at their best with die-cutting machines and laminating machines.
  3. Accessibility and Clearance: Adequate space will enable operators to maneuver comfortably and conduct routine maintenance effectively.
  4. Consideration of Space Constraints: While optimizing accessibility is crucial, it’s equally important to consider any space constraints within the facility as well as the height of the machine to ensure it doesn’t interfere with overhead structures.
  5. Integration with Other Equipment: Our fully automatic pile turner will seamlessly interact with other equipment in the facility. Ensure that it is positioned to facilitate a smooth flow of materials to and from other machines, such as printing presses, cutting machines, or binding equipment.


6. Operator Ergonomics and Safety: in Toppy Packaging we prioritize operator safety, so it is crucial to consider clear sightlines, emergency stop buttons, and adequate lighting in the surrounding area.

7. Future Expansion and Flexibility: While planning the pile turner’s placement, take into account future growth and expansion plans of the packaging facility. Leave room for additional equipment or modifications to the layout, allowing for scalability and adaptability. This forward-thinking approach will help accommodate changes in production volume or diversification of packaging requirements.


Choosing the optimal placement for a pile turner within your packaging facility can significantly impact productivity, workflow efficiency, and operator safety. Consider factors such as proximity to raw material storage, workflow integration, accessibility, space constraints, integration with other equipment, ergonomics, and future expansion. By carefully analyzing these considerations, you can position your pile turner in a way that maximizes operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, and enhances the overall performance of your packaging facility.


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