New Master Toppy Pile Turner: a long-lasting planning and collaboration


Once again, a packaging company from Marche, passionate about sustainability and made in Italy, has chosen Toppy Packaging to complete their line.

Our collaboration started in the far 1990s and we are happy to install our top performing machine -the New Master Toppy, push button. Our pile turner uses a different operating system as it rotates 90° on the vertical axis where the stack is processed, then continues its rotation a further 90° to reach the tipping position of the stack. It can be used as stand-alone or in a line and it can process up to 16-18 pallets per hour.

 The client chose Master Toppy with carpet conveyors as the most suitable solution to move the load without pallets.

Carpet models allow you to adapt to any type of application and any type of environment. They ensure a smooth movement on a flat surface and they are ideal for delicate loads thanks to a reduced vibration, a correct positioning of the load to handle and increased stability.



Toppy Packaging also offers a second solution to our clients. Roller conveyors are faster and more suitable when using wooden or plastic pallets produced by the main manufacturing companies in the packaging and converting sector for the “NON STOP” cycle (producers of laminating machines, die-cutting machines, offset printing industries). 

When choosing a machine and all the optionals that we offer, including converyors, it is important to consider

  • the nature of the product
  • movement of the machine
  • weight and dimension of the load


Our team can help you select the most suitable machine and optionals for you.

We are looking further to our next collaboration.

Get fast !!