How to choose the best pile turner

pile turner master toppy vs Excel2000

Toppy Twister 1600 AJ/ Excel 2000 or Master Toppy?

Pile turners have an important role in a company as they speed up production and make work safer.
But with so many models on the market, how do we know what to choose?

Toppy has spent years doing deep research in the paper converting and packaging industry, and we are proud to say that we are the only producers to offer 2 different types of solutions that can be used in line and meet the different needs of our customers.

How do they work?

Toppy Twister 1600 AJ / Toppy Excel 2000

The Twister and Excel are stationary pile turners with air and vibration which allow the stack of paper or cardboard to be inserted into the machine from the front. Different programs can be selected on the PLC so that the operator will be free to continue his work and his presence won’t be needed during processing.
These pile turners lift the pallet, rotate 90° on the vertical axis and do a further 90° rotation of the pallet. A powerful turbine and vibrating motors then align the stack and remove the dust. Once overturned, the pile will return to its initial position and will be re-integrated in the line.



Master Toppy AJ

Master Toppy is the best performing stationary pile turner in our range. It uses a different operating system as it rotates 90° on the vertical axis where the stack is processed, then continues its rotation a further 90° to reach the tipping position of the stack when used as a stand-alone pile turner. It can be easily integrated in a line to thanks to its speed and rotation principle.



Main differences between Master Toppy AJ and Toppy Twister AJ/ Excel 2000

Toppy Twister can process 12 pallets per hour due to the multiple rotations of the pallets.
Master Toppy can process 16-18 pallets per hour.

Toppy Twister and Toppy Excel can handle loads up to 1800-2000Kg.
Master Toppy can handle a maximum weight of 3000kg.

Position of the pallet
The Twister requires the pallet to be inserted from the front (blowing chamber), and will process the stack and return to the same position. This will slow the process a little bit if all pallets need processing.
With Master Toppy pallets can be inserted at different angles. This will not cause any interruptions to the line and the speed.

Position of the machine
Toppy Twister is ideal when only some pallets need to be processed. The machine is positioned perpendicular to the line and the software will select the pallets that need processing, pull them out of the line and into the Twister while the line continues to work regularly.
With Master Toppy all pallets are processed and the machine is integrated into the line.

Used as stand alone
Because of the lifting and twisting of the stack and return to the initial frontal position, the Twister is a great option as a stand-alone machine when there is limited floor space.
Master Toppy will process the load and return in on the opposite side, so it requires maneuvering space on both sides of the machine.

To conclude both of our machines represent a great investment in the paper converting and packaging industry as they integrate perfectly into any department and can be supplied by means of conveyors and roller conveyors.

For any further information don’t hesitate to check out our website or contact our sales team that will help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.

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