High speed and top performance- Presenting our newest pile turner Master Toppy AJ Jumbo

Master Toppy AJ Jumbo Pile Turner

Technological advances of the industry 4.0 are based on interoperability, safety, data collection and high technical assistance in order to boost productivity and generate a competitive advantage in the market.

Toppy is committed to offering the most innovative solutions in the packaging industry. We have worked in the packaging sector for over 40 years and we are able to develop pile turners that keep up with the requirements of the market and offer higher and higher performance.


Our newest machine

We are proud to present our latest and most innovative pile turner created by our finest engineers to meet and exceed the needs for our client in the Marche region which have chosen Master Toppy AJ Jumbo for their production site.

Our new Master Toppy AJ Jumbo is an efficient and reliable machine with a high level of automation. It can process up to 20 pallets per hour in optimal conditions and handles loads of 2000Kg with pallet sizes up to 1050 x 1450mm. Out pile turner will work in a line where carpet conveyors can feed pallets from either side. In this plant the machine will:

  • Turn the pile and send it through the machine to continue the process
  • Remove the pallet
  • Use Air and Jogger to remove dust, align the load and allow for waste sheets to be removed for a high- quality product

All of this will be done automatically without the intervention of an operator based on the information collected by the software.



Toppy and the Industry 4.0

It is our priority to offer high performing machines and we have developed the Master Toppy AJ Jumbo based on some key aspect of the industry 4.0:


Master Toppy AJ Jumbo is fully automated and will optimize our client’s production flow. By gathering and analyzing data it will enable fast, flexible and efficient processes and ensure high levels of performance. Reduced down-time, energy saving, preventive maintenance and high speed will lead to higher profitability and competitiveness in the sector.

Collecting data from the machine will also allow for better decision making and faster responses to any issue that might come up.


Providing a safe and healthy workplace is one of the highest responsibilities of both employers and employees not only for the ethical aspects, but also when it comes to financial aspects and overall business performance. 

The advances towards safety in our Master Toppy AJ Jumbo will prevent accidents and automate many tasks so that the operator can supervise the machine without any physical effort or risk.

Our team will not only install the machine on site, but they will also carry out the proper training and pass on the knowledge to the operators so that they can use the machine, repair it and implement all the safety measures.

Toppy provides safety guards, light curtains, and scanners to avoid any type of injury or interruptions of the flow. Our aim is to simplify many aspects of operations and provide the best possible conditions to boost efficiency and quality of the product.


With 18-20 pallets per hour, Master Toppy AJ Jumbo is our fastest machine yet!


Our newest pile turner demonstrates our commitment to the packaging industry and can be used in multiple sectors including food and luxury packaging.

We are continuously looking to improve our work and adapt to the market. For further information on our newest models please get in touch with our sales office.

Get fast !!