Ensuring Safety in the Packaging Industry with a Pile Turner

Benefits of using a pile turner in packaging to improve safety

In the packaging industry, there are many tools and equipment that are used to make the packaging process more efficient and streamlined. One such tool is the pile turner, which is used to flip paper stacks, cartons, and other materials over to improve the quality and reduce the risk of damage during the printing or packaging process.

Toppy Packaging offers various stationary models that can be used a stand-alone or integrated into the production line. This will ensure safety for both the operator and the material, allowing for high speed production and a high-quality product. They can handle loads up to 3000 Kg and process up to 18-20 pallets per hour without any risks of injury.

5 ways to ensure safety when investing in a Pile Turner

Proper Training

All operators and workers who handle pile turners should receive proper training before they are allowed to use the equipment. Training should cover the safe operation of the pile turner, the hazards associated with its use, and the proper procedures for handling materials. Our team can install the machine and train the staff on request.

Safe Operating Procedures

Safe operating procedures should be established and enforced for the use of pile turners. These procedures should include guidelines for loading and unloading materials, operating the machine, and handling any potential hazards. The operator will supervise our machine and make sure that load is centered and perfectly aligned. He will be able to remove waste sheets and change the pallet with no physical effort or risk.

Regular Maintenance

Pile turners should be inspected regularly for any defects or wear and tear. Any worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately to prevent accidents or breakdowns. Our Vertical Warehouse makes our service extra fast and our customer service is available in multiple languages to support your every need.

Safety Guards and Light Curtains

Our Pile turners are equipped with safety guards to prevent workers from accidentally coming into contact with moving parts or getting caught in the equipment. Guards should be properly installed and maintained to ensure they are effective. Toppy Pakcaging also offers light curtains, also known as safety light barriers or safety light screens, devices used to safeguard hazardous machinery by detecting the presence of people or objects within their field of view.  When the light curtain is interrupted by an object, the beam is blocked, and the machine is automatically stopped or disabled, preventing any hazardous movement or operation.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Workers who operate pile turners should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats, to protect themselves from potential hazards. By taking these measures, pile turners can be used safely and effectively in the packaging industry, which can result in many benefits. For example, using a pile turner can:

  • reduce the risk of worker injuries and accidents
  • help improve the quality of packaging materials, which can result in fewer rejects or damaged products
  • improve the efficiency of the packaging process
  • improve overall customer satisfaction

Advanced technology

When choosing the best pile turner for their business, our clients will be able to add some features to further increase the level of safety with the help of our sales team, such as:

  • An Automatic Pallet Dispenser that collects and stacks pallets and makes the loading  and unloading of the pallet easy and risk free so that the operator will not have to work with dangerous stacks that might fall over.
  • An Automatic Centering System  which automatically centers the load onto the pallet to simplify the work of the operator and improve the quality of the finished product.

The role of the operator when using a Pile Turner

The tasks of the operator may involve inspecting the machine regularly for any defects or wear and tear, cleaning the machine after use, and performing routine maintenance tasks, such as lubrication or adjustments to the machine. He must be vigiland in operating the machine and must ensure that materials are loaded onto the pile turner in a safe and organized manner.

It is crucial to report any incidents, near misses, or safety concerns related to the pile turner to their supervisor or safety officer. This will help to identify potential hazards and prevent future accidents or injuries in the future.


In conclusion, ensuring safety when using a pile turner is crucial to prevent injuries and accidents in the packaging industry. By providing proper training, regular maintenance, safe operating procedures, safety guards, and personal protective equipment, workers can operate pile turners safely and effectively. Using a pile turner can result in many benefits for packaging companies, such as improved safety, quality, and efficiency.

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