Customized pile turners

customized pale turners

As a trusted provider for custom pile turners for over 40 years, Toppy is committed to offering high quality service and customized machines to a wide range of companies in the printing and converting field worldwide.

Organizations now recognize the value of purchasing machines specifically designed to save time, improve productivity, increase safety and fit perfectly into a complex production line. In fact, customized pile turners are now increasingly used in an integrated system that will take the product all the way to the end of the process. These specialized solutions allow companies to avoid human error, free up resources for other activities and ultimately increase the revenue.

Key steps when buying a customized pile turner

The real key when purchasing a customized pile turner is communication. Our team follows 4 steps when contacted for these machines but our priority is to keep an open dialogue with our counterpart and make sure our clients are satisfied with the end result.

Step one: the data request

When the client first contacts our sales office, we will provide him with a data request to fully understand his needs.

The data request will focus on some technical characteristics of the machine such as:

  • & Max paper/carton size:
  • & Max paper weight in grams (g/m2):
  • & Max pallet height (pallet + paper):  mm
  • Total max. gross weight to handle (product +pallet): kg
  • Need for blower and vibration
  • Speed

We will also need to understand other details of the project including:

  • Integration of our machine into a logistics line or stand alone
  • Possible drawing in DWG
  • Need for carpets or on conveyors
  • Type of pallet or palletless

Step two: data analysis

Our team is composed by expert designers, engineers and operators that will take a close look at the information provided and will be able to propose the most suitable machine along with optionals and modifications.

We will then make a proposal and provide the budgetary cost of the machines along with the layout, a time line for the project and cost for shipping and installation.

Step 3: production and testing

Upon acceptance of the proposal, Toppy starts building the machine following the schedule and technical features as agreed with the client. After our testing phase, we perform the FAT with the client to make sure that all requirements have been met and to provide all necessary documents depending on the location of our client (all our machines are CE certified). Due to Covid restrictions, we now can also do online FATs for clients who are not able to visit us in Bologna.

The final test is on site, after installation, to verify that the machine functions properly in compliance with the agreement, and to check that no damage occurred during shipping and installation.

Step 4: installation and service

Our stand- alone pile turners are fast and simple to install and only require a video that can be followed by local technicians, while for in-line pile turners, Toppy has a team of specialized technicians that travel to install the machines, test them and keep production up and running.


Our wish is to deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering specialized solutions and a close collaboration.

For any further information regarding our machines do not hesitate to contact us.

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