Toppy MCS allows inserting and centering a plastic pallet supplied by the manufacturer for a “NON STOP” cycle, as well as blowing and aligning the paper and cardboard stacks.
The operator uses a lift truck to position the plastic pallet into the Toppy pile turner. Then a pneumatic system drives the pallet to the starting position, hanging it for the entire process. Using the relevant handwheel located on the side bar, the operator can select the paper size thanks to the numbered scale.

As soon as the desired paper size achieved, the operator can insert the wooden pallet with the product, taking care to overlap it to the plastic pallet that was previously inserted and placing it against the side guide edge so as the process cycle, including air/jogging, can start. After the working cycle, the pile turner will turn at 180°, having the wooden pallet on the top, ready to be manually removed by the operator. After removing the pallet, the operator can use the specific program to locate the plastic pallet, with the product centered, to the initial loading position ready to be removed by lift truck.

All phases of the working cycle with manual centering

Toppy pile turner working cycle - insertion of the plastic pallet non stop in the stacker

Inserting plastic pallets

The “non stop” plastic pallet is inserted inside the pile turner and locked in position by the automatic pallet holder

Toppy pile turner working cycle - start phase of processing of the cardboard stack with air and vibration

Beginning of the processing phase

The powerful air jets and the vibrating plate prepare the cardboard stack for the successive process

Toppy pile turner working cycle - closing stack of cardboard on pallet non stop scaled

Closure of the pile

The pile turner ends the processing cycle by placing the cardboard stack in the center of the plastic pallet

pile turner - adjustment with hand wheel of the pallet centering

Centering adjustment

The operator operates the handwheel and adjusts the size of the cardboard stack to position it in the center of the plastic pallet

Toppy pile turner working cycle - detail of the cardboard stack working with air and vibration

Detail of the blowling

Although all stages are automated, the operator can manually intervene in the processing of the pile

Toppy pile turner working cycle - end of cycle pallet non stop ready to be picked

End of the processing cycle

The machine stops and waits for the removal of the plastic pallet with the perfectly centered cardboard stack

Toppy pile turner working cycle - Insert the pallet of cardboard into the stacker

Product Insert

The operator, using a forklift, inserts the wooden pallet with the cardboard stacks onto the “non-stop” pallet

Toppy pile turner working cycle - removal of the wooden pallet

Pallet Removal

The machine stops and waits for the operator to remove the wooden pallet. The pallet “non stop” is held back by the pile turner

Toppy pile turner working cycle - stack of cardboard aligned

Lined up cardboard stack

The result is perfect and in line with the needs of the processing machines (printing machines, autoplaten, laminating machines and die cutting machine)

Toppy MCS pile turner
(Manual Centering System)

View the video of the Toppy pile turner with MCS system, which aligns and perfectly centers the stack of cardboard on the plastic pallet.

It is compatible with all types of plastic pallets used in the packaging industry for the “NON STOP” cycle. 

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The process starts by inserting the plastic pallet in the pile turner. Then a device connects and locks the plastic pallet, keeping it in position for the entire duration of the process.
Before starting the cycle, the operator can use the handwheel to adjust the reference bar of the square so that the paper stack is centered exactly in the desired position.
In order to facilitate the adjustment, the device is fitted with a graded scale with references for the main paper formats being used.

Centraggio manuale voltapila - inizio
Centraggio manuale voltapila - fine


Process end: after aligning the cardboard stack in the middle of the plastic pallet, against the bar that adjusts the square, the pallet is taken back to the ground, ready to be collected.


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