APL (Automatic Pallet Loader)

Toppy APL (Automatic Pallet Loader) is an automatic loading system to load plastic pallets provided by the main manufacturers of machines utilized in the packaging industry, for a “NON STOP” cycle.
Toppy APL is suitable to the entire range of Toppy pile turners and is also recommended to handle all loads on pallets in the logistics flows. The APL automation can be integrated in the range of Toppy pile turners and can handle multiple plastic pallet formats.

Furthermore, it assures the properly removing the wooden pallet and its stacking.
The automation also uses several pallet stackers for accumulation, ensuring long autonomy of work and stacking the pallets in an organized way.
The APL automatic loader for Toppy’s pile turners takes care of the preparation phases of cardboard stacks on plastics pallets, quickly, precisely and fully automated.
Thanks to Toppy long lasting experience our technical department is able to focus and solve client needs in the industrial packaging process.

Automatic pallet loading

This allows positioning of the cardboard stack on different types of pallet.The opration is completely automatic. The relevant pallet dispensers supply the selected pallet to the system and ensure proper collection of the wooden pallets in the relevant stackers.

Automatic pallet loader for a "NON-STOP" cycle

Video of the APL in action

Example of automatic loading of the plastic pallet used in the packaging industry for the “NON STOP” cycle.


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