An Automatic Pallet Dispenser is a stationary device that is incredibly useful for organizing incoming and outgoing pallets. With a “NON-STOP” plastic pallet dispenser, you’ll be able to quickly collect and stack pallets, improving the overall organization of your warehouse processes.

Toppy Packaging provides automatic and non-automatic models. Automatic pallet dispensers are integrated with semi-automatic pile turner to expedite pallet handling operations and simplify the loading and unloading of pallets.


Our APD was designed to work as stand-alone. There are several benefits to using a pallet dispenser, including increased efficiency, cost savings and  better space utilization. 

Pallet dispensers can help to optimize your use of space by allowing you to stack pallets more efficiently and in a smaller area. This can help to free up space in your warehouse or manufacturing facility and make room for other important equipment or activities. 

Lastly, our dispenser will reduce injuries. Operators will work safely without moving heavy pallets around and will not have to deal with dangerous stacks of pallets as our machine will align them perfectly.

Stack your pallets with an automatic pallet dispenser
stacking of plastic pallets with the APD


Automatic Pallet Dispenser 

Take a look at our latest video of the APD in action!

The APD is used as stand- alone, it can handle different size pallets, and allows for insertion and removal of all pallets at once or one at a time. It takes up very little floor space and can stack up to 12 pallets.

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APD to better stack your plastic pallets

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