Toppy ACS allows inserting and automatically centering a plastic pallet supplied by the main machine manufacturers in the paper industry, for a “NON STOP” cycle, as well as blowing and aligning the paper and cardboard stacks.
The operator uses a lift truck to load the wooden pallet on the plastic pallet and inserts them together into the Toppy pile turner.

After processing the cardboard stack with blower and jogger, a pneumatic pallet holder hangs the plastic pallet until the pile turner is completely rotated, allowing the operator to pull out the wooden pallet. A centering device moves the load, positioning it exactly in the middle of the plastic pallet that was previously connected in the paper reception position, detected by the automatic sonar reading system.
After the centering phase, the automatic pile turner will bring the plastic pallet, with the perfectly centered cardboard, to the initial loading position, ready to be collected.

Pile of cardboard centered onto the plastic pallet
Pile Turner with Automatic centering system
Stationary pile turner with automatic centering system

Pile turner Toppy ACS
(Automatic Centering System)

View the video of the Toppy pile turner with ACS system, which aligns and perfectly centers the stack of cardboard on the plastic pallet.

It is compatible with all types of plastic pallets used in the packaging industry for the “NON STOP” cycle.  

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center and align the pile with pile turners


The process starts by inserting the plastic pallet in the pile turner. A device connects and locks the plastic pallet, keeping it in position for the entire duration of the process. . 

Centraggio automatico voltapila - inizio
Centraggio automatico voltapila - fine


Process end: after automatically aligning the cardboard stack in the middle of the plastic pallet, the pallet is taken back to the ground, ready to be collected.

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